THE CUT PARLOUR is located in   Ansley’s Mall in Atlanta GA own by  SWEENEYTAJ female barber who has  a  master cosmetology license  and  do both women and men’s hair cuts.
-My shop is one of a kind , I like art work.- Sweeneytaj
Welcome to the empowering world of Taje, a visionary female entrepreneur and master cosmetologist, whose journey unfolds within the vibrant Ansley’s Mall in Atlanta, GA. Taje's barber shop transcends the ordinary, offering an inclusive space where both men and women can experience her transformative haircuts. Her shop is a testament to individuality, a one-of-a-kind haven infused with Taje's love for artwork.
Through her passion for art and dedication to community service, she inspires people to follow their goals and gives each patron of her distinctive barbershop a sense of empowerment.
Come celebrate Taje's spirit of entrepreneurship and her dedication to using the artistic medium of cosmetology to change lives.